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3:00 pm:Dinner & Fellowship

4:15 pm:Worship

 Thanks to all churches, groups  and organizations who support the activities and meals at Seneca Street Church throughout the year.  Volunteer are always needed for many oportunites to make a difference.     

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Pastor Brian

We are celebrating with Brian as he moves forward in his life. He is officially retired from being the Pastor at Seneca Street. Brian is excited to choose how he will continue with the ministry at the church and in the community.

Brian and Cheryl have served the Seneca Street community for 23 years. Cheryl and Brian will continue to be involved in the lives and activities at Seneca Street United Methodist Church and the Community Development Corporation (non profit) which is part of Seneca Street ministry.

Please congratulate Brian when you get a chance.


Sept. 24 100th Celebration

Sept. 24  100th Celebration was a success at Seneca Street Church

To all of you who came, sent food, paper products and greetings for our celebration a week ago, we offer our humble and heartfelt thanks.
We're still giving away and finishing up food! And we absolutely would not be here without you!
We had a great time singing and celebrating with church friends and neighborhood kids and friends.
A new cornerstone is on the building with the rededication date. Alot of great food and fellowship happened.
As for those free polo shirts, I'm so sorry that we ran out of most adult sizes before the afternoon was over.
If you'd still like one, and we'd love to have you wear one to promote our mission together, we'll be ordering more.
We don't have money to pay for them, but if you would send us you size and $10 to cover the cost, we'll get yours to you ASAP.
Please keep us in your prayers. We have lots of kids to love and feed every day, and our "30 Year" roof just turned 50.
May God bless you for your help,
Brian and Dee

  March 2018  
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